When people first read up on Sandra Crawford Williamson, they are impressed by the content of her corporate resume. And then they meet her. When they hear her speak, they quickly realize her resume is not what makes her extraordinary.

Sandra consults, mentors, and speaks on a wide variety of topics and is recognized as a "Thought Leader" and authority on global marketing, and sales trends. She also specializes in human behavior, business transformation, the importance of mentoring, and how to lead and inspire others.

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  • Women Speakers Association

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"Sandra is a great leader who can drive a large organization towards positive change. One of her strengths is her ability to captivate and motivate audiences. She excels at public speaking. Sandra's passion and energy allow her to drive progress regardless of the roadblocks that may exist."
Michael Spankie | Director of Operations, RetailMeNot, Inc.

"With a humbleness and a deep faith, Sandra speaks from the heart and inspires hope in the hopeless. She credits all her accomplishments that matter most back to God, and is the first to confess that she is a card carrying member in the Sin of Self Sufficiency club. As a fellow member of that club, I'm so excited to hear her speak on generosity and how we as women can make a difference by being generous with our time, talent and treasures."

"I recently had the privilege to host a networking group event establishing a connection for many of my women business associates. Our main agenda was to support our efforts as stay at home moms, as many are either just getting back into the business world. Some forming home offices, some that travel for business, and many local small business owners. Our Mom- Entrepreneurs were delighted to have a speaker of such high integral stature as Sandra Crawford Williamson join us for our first meeting.

Sandra brought her own personal and professional experiences to us in an engaging and heart felt presentation with a focus towards a very hot topic. Understanding the Millenial generation and how our business are effected by their influences. As many of us are actually raising them, we are now gearing our businesses, products & services towards servicing them as our clientele and even employing them.

With careful analysis of the dynamic that makes this generation unique and offering more than just statistics of what they want! Sandra interacted with all our members to help us view these new influences & explaining how our new potential customers are impacting our approach to business. She explained how learning to be fluid will capture this market through meaningful experiences. Sandra’s ability to observe and offer insightful approaches to many challenges, makes her an inspirational speaker. Everyone in attendance was energized by her positive, confident & enthusiastic motivations.

I highly recommend Sandra as a speaker of unparalleled versatility. She is held in high regard by many of my business associates and I am blessed to have had this opportunity to see her in action personally, and would welcome having her attend future events or seminars."
Loretta Hamon | Business Owner Realtor/Interior Designer, Colleyville, Texas

"I had the pleasure of hearing Sandy Williamson speak at a Roaring Lambs luncheon and it was spectacular.  She gave personal testimony of how we need to be the best version of ourselves despite our many flaws and shortcomings.  I believe everyone in that room was able to relate to her on and learn something from her talk.  Sandy is a wonderful speaker and is an inspiration.  You can’t go wrong booking her for your event."
Tami Millspaugh | Texas Record Chick Promotions, LLC

"I was blessed to hear Sandy speak at the Ladies In Touch conference this past year and have even had the joy to get to know her on a personal level. Sandy is able to draw from her rich personal history as one who has climbed the corporate ladder, been a parent to three, and has overcome gut-wrenching trials to be able to relate to a diverse audience. She has an ability to tailor her message to the audience in front of her to communicate a powerful message. She inspires the audience to take the next step toward living out the real and most impactful version of themselves. She’s a gem of a lady. With bold and admirable authenticity, you will be blessed to have her speak at your event as she’s sure to: connect, inspire, and bring hope to the audience."
Michelle Kirby