"Had to stop for a minute and say THANK YOU for being such a great teacher and mentor. Tonight we had a HUGE event featuring the Governor and Senator. I had so many kudos for a great job! At every turn I was thinking what would Sandra tell me? My success tonight was so keyed into everything you taught me at toy fair and trade shows. When one of the DC guys said to me - 'I can't believe how organized you are and how you have thought of EVERYTHING,' I had to take a minute, and thank God for my wonderful teacher! You rock Sandra Crawford Williamson! Thanks for being such a great teacher! I owe you big time!"

Lisa Carson

"I had the opportunity to work with Sandra and she did an exceptional job at repositioning the company, creating a compelling branding strategy, and in a matter of months, completely rebuilt the company's marketing organization. Sandra has a rare combination of strategic marketing skills, and a strong execution ability. She is one of the best CMOs I have worked with. If I were building a company, Sandra would be one of the first people I would call to build a world-class team."

Todd Rowe, Google SMB Global Sales

"Sandra gets results, period. I have worked with Sandra for several years and she has a gift of connection, engagement, and the ability to transfer her expertise to others so they see immediate results and success in their business. She has the ability to cast her shadow from the entry level sales professional the top executive. A consultant that you can actually tie back the investment to top line results...what a concept that's missing in that field, called accountability!"

Brian Ritenour, Director of Sales - Fort Worth, Texas Magazine

"Sandra is a great leader who can drive a large organization towards positive change. One of her strengths is her ability to captivate and motivate audiences. She excels at public speaking. Sandra's passion and energy allow her to drive progress regardless of the roadblocks that may exist."

Michael Spankie, Director of Operations, RetailMeNot, Inc.

"I don't know if I've ever told you - but I've always respected you big time and have always looked up to you. When I worked for you, you treated me well and gave me awesome opportunities. I've carried them with me all these years. You are a great person."

Amanda R

"I've never seen such passion and energy for the business! Sandra is capable and forward thinking in her approach to product development / management, branding, channel support, business development, research, and all other marketing facets. Sandra "got" what it was we needed to grow the business and was quick to support wherever needed. I truly enjoyed working with Sandra and grew from our partnership. Her experience and electrifying energy are priceless assets that are nearly impossible to replicate!"

Dan Coday, Sales Manager

"Sandy - so touched by the partial story you shared on 9/11! Would very much love to read it in it's entirety! I had no idea on this part of your life - but would very much like to learn more and spend some time getting to know you! Just thought you were this fun working mom with 3 adorable kiddos! Well...you're that PLUS much more. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to read!"

Lara N

"Girl, you amaze me. I thank God for putting you in my life even though our paths do not cross as often as I would love, you still impact me on a regular basis... like the song, "I want to live like that, and give it all I have... give it all to the glory..." comes to heart and mind as I read your posts and articles. You are a blessing. Love you much and am very glad to call you my friend."

Cindy Betsill

"It was such a joy to meet you today at Flourish. I am blessed I got to spend a few minutes talking to you. Sounds like God has done incredible things and your story is amazing. Thanks for coming and hopefully we'll see you again!"


"Thank you so much for the encouraging words the other day. I really needed it. It's been particularly hard this year to juggle everything. So thanks for being so encouraging."

Carina C

"Sandra: I read your story. It was very inspiring. We knew you when you were in the time of "married to my career." You are so very blessed now! Just look at those beautiful children! Thank you for sharing your story with so many. God is truly taking care of those who trust and believe."

Jeanette Weeks

"Sandra is an amazing mentor and leader. I owe her a great deal for the development of my career and for my personal growth. Sandra has always been there with good advice and a professionalism that is unmatched. Any organization would be extremely fortunate to have her on their executive team."

Jeff Federspiel, Operations Manager

"Sandra is one of the most dynamic leaders that I have every encountered. Her passion and commitment to challenge the status quo make her unique. Sandra inspires her team and the whole organization to move with her vision. She is able to build and develop the high level strategy but also focus on the details to execute. Sandra is comfortable at all levels: her team, her peers, the entire company or Board of Directors. Sandra is a true asset to build a company around."

Dan Hight, Head of Platform at xAd, Inc.

"I had the pleasure of working with Sandra and her energy, passion and drive for success, along with her ability to connect with people at every level of the organization make her truly special. Her energy and ability to inspire others seems to come naturally to Sandra. I would recommend her without hesitation to any company looking for these attributes in a leader."

Steve Lloyd, SPHR, Human Resources Business Partner

"Sandra's passion for the business and energy are second to none. Her business savvy and can-do, and better yet - let's get it done attitude, were critical to our success in redesigning our flagship consumer site. I enjoyed leading the charge for this effort with her guidance and support."

Michelle Pickett, MBA, PMP, Sr. Manager, Application Development

"I liked Sandra's smart, no-nonsense, take-charge attitude from day one. And appreciated it more and more as we worked together. Sandra knows her stuff. She has a rich and fascinating career history. She's completely in her element when it comes to marketing, advertising, sales, and media. She also happens to be a funny and delightful woman. She's a pleasure to present to as a client. Engaged in the work, absorbing ideas like a sponge, and building on them. Simply put, she gets it."

Shep Kellam, Group Creative Director at TM Advertising

"I worked with Sandra and she is a highly dedicated, smart, and accomplished leader. She built the US subsidary from the ground up. Certainly not easy, especially with the majority of her sales at Wal-Mart and Target. We were her PR firm at the time. She was deeply engaged with building the brand's reputation with the trade and consumers and understood the nuances of critical press relationships, in addition to supporting innovative promotional opportunities that showcased the brand's unique attributes. Gutsy, savvy, and not afraid of hard work to build a brand."

Carol Cone, CEO at Carol Cone ON PURPOSE

"Wow your story is amazing!! Even though I knew it, I love hearing what God did for you!! Love it!!"

Kari B

"Thanks Sandy! I just watched your Propel Women interview and I am beyond blessed! I am also in such a situation waiting to get pregnant, get a job, and I can't get out of my own head planning what to do and how to make things work. I gave it all up and decided to trust God wholeheartedly. Then I saw your testimony and I am speechless! Thanks for sharing!"


"Sandy, Thank you so much for how you prayed for me on Sunday. Thank you for acknowledging the 2 babies. Thank you for praying with such hope. I was so encouraged."

Melissa I

"I had the pleasure of working with Sandra during her time as CMO. High energy, passion and great strategic thinking all epitomize Sandra. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her for future roles and look forward to working with her again"

Ben Wood, Director, Channel Sales Americas, Google

"Sandra is a natural leader and a gifted team builder. She has a broad understanding of marketing, operations, and strategy and a knack for understanding and meeting meaningful objectives. She makes things happen!"

Will Clayton, MBA, CIPP/US, CIPT, SVP, Digital Product Management

"I had the pleasure of working with Sandra and I knew from our intitial meeting she would be a driven, honest, and creative leader who would challenge her team to excel and deliver results. Sandra brought a fresh perspective and outlook to the company and industry, not accepting the status quo. She is a tremendous partner driven to deliver success."

Steve Garberich, Global Director

"From the very first days on the CMO job, Sandra struck me as an inspirational and transformational leader, who would stop at nothing in the pursuit of the company vision and strategy. In no time she reshaped her organization and challenged it to develop a vibrant portfolio of the new advertising products and services. She artfully rallied support behind her plans across the entire organization, esp., fostering a tremendous trust into the Technology Lab, which I headed, as a technology enabler to her strategic plans and ideas. No wonder, people with no exception responded enthusiastically to her call for the new directions and were happy to work tirelessly to exceed her expectations, no matter how sometimes “insane” they might sound and how much condensed the timetable was. And Sandra was the first among executives to congratulate developers with another accomplishment even if the news reached her at 3:00am in the morning. I highly recommend Sandra for any company which finds itself at crossroads and needs passionate leaders who will never rest until they propel the company on the trajectory to success." | Lev Koyfman, Sr. Consultant/Project Manager

"Loved your testimony today! Thank you!"

Beth N

"Sandy, listening to you on Eternal Leadership Podcast. Wow! What a story! Thanks for sharing."

Bill Edmonds

"I had the pleasure of working directly for Sandra and during that time, she exhibited herself as both "big picture" and "detail oriented". Her excitement and level of engagement on product launches ensured we consistently had the level of attention necessary for success. Sandra was willing to challenge the status quo when warranted and look for new and efficient ways of getting things done. She is truly an asset to any organization she engages with."

James Price, SVP - Data Insights and Programmatic Product at Outfront Media

"With a humbleness and a deep faith, Sandra speaks from the heart and inspires hope in the hopeless. She credits all her accomplishments that matter most back to God, and is the first to confess that she is a card carrying member in the Sin of Self Sufficiency club. As a fellow member of that club, I'm so excited to hear her speak on generosity and how we as women can make a difference by being generous with our time, talent and treasures


"I’ll miss partnering with you on TCW. It’s been one of the brightest spots of my role as editor to know you and get to work with you in shaping content for our readers. You are a big reason for TCW’s success, and the team is looking forward to working with you long into the future."

Marian V. Liautaud, Previous Editor, TodaysChristianWoman.com