Sandra’s 20 plus years of general management, marketing, and sales experience, paired with a decade of executive coaching, inspired her to found the consulting arm of Crawford Creative Consulting.

With her passion for evolving brands, companies, teams and individuals to the next level, and her diverse experience in multiple C-suite roles in international business, within corporate America, in the non-profit world, and as an entrepreneur leading her own business, Sandra is uniquely qualified to lead a consulting firm with many practice areas: 

  • Strategy and performance improvement
  • Strategic business planning
  • Brand and sales strategy development
  • Digital strategy, including search, email, mobile, social, video, and more
  • Global business development
  • Product development
  • Financial analysis and planning
  • Cultural transformation
  • Start-up business process and monetization
  • Non-profit organizational best practices

During her extensive corporate career, Sandra experienced the benefits and drawbacks of being on the client side of a consulting relationship. Her boutique firm ensures her personal involvement in every consulting engagement.


"Sandra gets results, period. I have worked with Sandra for several years and she has a gift of connection, engagement, and the ability to transfer her expertise to others so they see immediate results and success in their business. She has the ability to cast her shadow from the entry level sales professional the top executive. A consultant that you can actually tie back the investment to top line results...what a concept that's missing in that field, called accountability!"

Brian Ritenour | Director of Sales - Fort Worth, Texas Magazine