What's Your 17 Days?

One year ago I sat in an ER and heard these words: "Mrs. Williamson, we have to CareFlight you to Baylor Dallas because we don't have the equipment for the type of neurosurgery you'll require. The mass is the size of a golfball."

11 doctors, lots of prayer warriors, 7 MRIs, 8 CT scans, a notebook of questions & test results, and 17 days later I had surgery.

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Life is short. It's a fact. I'm constantly reminded of it. Whether it's an illness that shows the breaking down of our precious bodies or the death of a sweet friend's mother much too soon. So let's not waste time figuring out why we are here. We ARE here for a reason and that reason is to be in community with one another and with our creator. Community.

com·mu·ni·ty - a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Fellowship. Sharing. Common. Those words are profound.....and can power an entire attitude to life. Aren't we more similar than different? We have FEELINGS. We love. We laugh. We cry. We want our families to be comfortable and to not suffer or hurt.

We all share the same type of HUMAN body that can perform miracles like birth, fighting cancer, or even hiding away a golf ball-sized mass is our sphenoid sinus for 10 years until medical technology had evolved enough to remove it through a nose with no incision at all.

So we all share some of the same basic feelings and human body. We are much more alike than different. We are HUMAN KIND. We are in this life and world together. 

I also believe that kindness and joy are much easier emotions to feel and share than others. AND they leave us feeling warm and happy, which can't be said for the opposite. It's exhausting to honk at that other car and race to see who can reach the light first. It's frustrating to feel slighted by a friend and internalize that hurt. It's painful to carry that spat with a sibling for weeks or months at a time. 

  1. We are here for COMMUNITY
  2. We are more SIMILAR than different because we are all HUMAN and have FEELINGS
  3. KINDNESS is easier than anger or pain

We are HUMAN KIND, so why not be both?

We are HUMAN. And let's be KIND. Period.

@SandraCrW    #SCWblessed