“Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong... And yet, a person can perform only from strength.”
- Peter Drucker

We all find ourselves in seasons of growth and transition, both in our work life and in our personal life. Sometimes we are simultaneously exhilarated at a new challenge and “in over our head”, struggling to get up to speed. Other times we feel stagnant, underutilized, or unfulfilled, ready to throw our energy into a something new. And sometimes we wonder what happened to the dreams we once had.

Whatever season you’re currently in, whether you’re entrenched in a career, pivoting in a new direction, or just getting started, an executive coach can be just the partner you need. Through her unique combination of professional experience (she’s been “in the trenches”), her ability to take mass amounts of info and boil them down to understandable concepts, and her God-given ability to read people, Sandra is the person you need by your side. She is your trusted confidant, candid guide, and accountability partner. She will tell you what others won’t, so you can soar in a new direction.

Working with a seasoned Executive Coach like Sandra is a process entirely tailored to YOU. Some of the many different programs offered are below, but each program and process (like each individual client) is UNIQUE.



New Leader Program

Designed for anyone in a new role, no matter the industry or career milestone. 
As a newly promoted leader, you need a trusted, neutral confidant to help you finalize your role description and responsibilities, identify opportunities and challenges, recognize and develop the right relationships, and learn to prioritize, delegate, and follow-up with your team to achieve breakthrough success.


Career Accelerator Program

Designed for the professional who wants a seat at the table, new opportunities, recognition, appreciation, inclusion, and compensation based on success.
Want to drive yourself forward in your career or company, and be seen as the “go to” person chosen for special opportunities? We can help you do the honest self-evaluation you need, create a personal marketing plan for the role you want, and learn how to get noticed and get credit for your ideas.


Transition Track Program

Designed for the professional who is navigating through new management, new ownership, a new company, or relocating, or feeling underutilized, unfulfilled, or sensing a change.
The Transition Track Program will help you proactively manage your situation and create a plan to thrive through transition instead of just survive.  The TTP will help you determine if your strengths are being best utilized in your current field, whether you need new skills to be successful in your changing work environment, and make a plan to get you where you want to be.


Entrepreneurial Excellence Program

Many entrepreneurs are visionaries but are less fulfilled when situations dictate they focus on more operational functions.
The EEP can come alongside you as you develop a business plan to launch your company or get your existing company to the next level and beyond, poised for long-term growth. Ensure you are surrounding yourself with the right people in the right positions, so you can soar, avoiding the costly mishaps of bad hires, poor culture, or mismatched team members.


Non-profit Leadership Program

Designed for the non-profit leader interested in developing and sustaining their organization.
The NLP will help you learn how to manage, motivate, and inspire a team in the non-profit world, and how to market and message your non-profit to ensure financial sustainability.


Career Leadership Program  

Designed for the career professional already in a leadership role and desiring to drive continued career growth and success.
Together you and your Coach will analyze how your associates and senior leadership see you, identify what may be slowing you down, learn how to deal with confrontation effectively, and how to cultivate strong relationships with both your team and upper leadership. Using that information, you and your coach will create a plan to maximize the impact of your skills and drive continued success.


Life Strategy Program

Designed for any individual feeling unfulfilled, underutilized, or generally unhappy in their current situation.
Start living the life you are intended to live with balance and fulfillment and feel fully engaged in how you invest your time. The Life Strategy Program will help you identify your strengths and what your ideal life looks like, and make a plan to get you there.


Technology Acceleration Program

Designed for senior level executives who don’t have the time to stop and get an IT degree.
With the Technology Acceleration Program, we come alongside you to help you navigate new and changing technology to support you in making strategic decisions that lead to real firm results. Learn to value technology innovation as a strategic strength, not an obstacle to be overcome and be a technology thought leader in your peer group.


1.    Dedicated Coach Kickoff

An initial 90-minute coaching session via phone, Skype, FaceTime, or in person (at client’s expense) to break the ice, establish rapport, and review the coaching process.

2.    In-depth Assessment

In-depth personal, professional, and behavioral assessments, designed to reveal your individual giftedness, strengths, opportunity areas, and much more.


3.    Personal Assessment Review

A unique half-day session analyzing and candidly discussing your gifts, strengths, goals, and desires. This session begins the self-awareness and discovery necessary to reach your ultimate potential.

4.    Vision, Challenges and Strategies

We work together in a 90-minute session to create your vision of your ideal with details and possible challenges, and begin to develop strategies to get there.

5.    Reality Reaching

We begin the process to reach your desired vision by breaking the journey into manageable steps, monitor your progress, and adjust when necessary through bi-weekly hour sessions.

6.    Accountability and Beyond

A year of bi-weekly hour sessions will ensure focus, accountability, and confidential discussions along the way.

Throughout our journey together, you have unlimited email, text, FaceTime, and telephone access to your Coach to advise on emergent situations real-time.

As your trusted confidant, your Coach can provide additional support, including

  • 360⁰ evaluations with peers, employees, and leadership
  • Shadow coaching



"Thank you again for all your guidance and help. Your insight has been extremely valuable and I feel much better about the direction I need to go. I will certainly keep you updated as things develop in the near future."
Darren F

"Sandra is an amazing mentor and leader. I owe her a great deal for the development of my career and for my personal growth. Sandra has always been there with good advice and a professionalism that is unmatched. Any organization would be extremely fortunate to have her on their executive team."
 Jeff Federspiel | Operations Manager