What's Your 17 Days?

One year ago I sat in an ER and heard these words: "Mrs. Williamson, we have to CareFlight you to Baylor Dallas because we don't have the equipment for the type of neurosurgery you'll require. The mass is the size of a golfball."

11 doctors, lots of prayer warriors, 7 MRIs, 8 CT scans, a notebook of questions & test results, and 17 days later I had surgery. It wasn't a tumor. It wasn't cancer. It was a weird, rare thing with no lasting effects that the doctors meticulously removed through my nose. God showed His power and glory in 30 different ways and I was spared.....and given a gift.

I learned MUCH more in those 17 days than science. As we ruled out tumors and aneurysms and blindness, I learned how precious every moment is and how miraculous every heartbeat is. I learned what real physical pain felt like as I experienced 90 days of post-surgery pain I didn't think a human could experience and still survive. 90 days.

I learned what it looks like to be there for people when it counts by watching the people that were there for me. I learned to pray ceaselessly and desperately to the Lord without caring what others think and to ask others to pray for me. I was reminded again that what your zip code is and what's on your business card and paycheck don't matter AT ALL. I saw God's selflessness as people did basic things for me when I couldn't care for myself. I saw God's love as people fed us, took care of my children, stayed up all night with me, cried with me, cleaned my house, brought me soft fuzzy blankets, drove me, and sat with me in more urgent cares and ERs because I wasn't getting better for 90 days.

It was scary. It was humbling. My empathy grew 10 times its size like the Grinch's heart. AND it was beautiful. I was changed forever in many ways. I'm healthier now than I've been in 20 years. Our bodies truly are miracles and I strive every day to care for mine.

More critically though, I daily think back to what I thought was important during those 17 days.....not what my flesh or society tells us is important. Those 17 days when the doctors said "Get your affairs in order." Those 17 days when they said your skull bones have been eroded from the inside because the mass is so large and has been there so long. The moments before surgery when I didn't know if I'd see my children again this side of heaven. Those moments when I tried to plan how Jeff would tell the children if I didn't make it.

What was important THEN is what's REALLY important NOW and I don't want to ever forget. And it wasn't status, business, what people think, success, or trophies. When you think you're out of time, you see what's real. It was like finally seeing through a fog to discover what's REALLY concrete and lasting.

I was blessed to have those 17 days of clarity and I will never forget. And I hope this story somehow reminds you of what's REALLY important. Let's focus on those things. Whether we have 17 days or 28,762. ❤️

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